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Colombia is known for being an exotic destination in South America, with a strategic location that makes it one of the countries with the greatest biological and ethnic diversity in the world. Surrounded by two oceans, its landscapes range from the Amazon Jungle through deserts, Andean Mountains, plains and valleys, that make this land a true miracle.

Cañón del Rio Panches

The best-known tourist destinations in Colombia are Cartagena, Cali, Medellín, Villa de Leiyva, the Axial Coffe Zone, the Caribbean Sea or the Amazon, but the data say that Bogota is actually the main destination for foreigners in Colombia. The capital of the country offers a variety of cultural possibilities, night clubs, restaurants, bars, shopping centers, museums, business centers and also the fact that it is the home to El Dorado International Airport, which is used for arrival, departure or transit for millions of people from all around the world each year. This airport is one of the main connections of South America with Central America, North America, the Caribbean Islands and even with Europe and Asia.

But what if we tell you that there is an unknown destination, just one hour from Bogota, with a perfect tropical climate, with an average of 23 degrees throughout the year. Chinauta is actually one of Bogota’s favorite short-haul weekend and holiday destinations.

View from Kiosco El Mirador

So, if you are planning to spend a couple of days in the capital or if you are arriving or flying from Bogota to any other destination, why not take a couple of days to rest and enjoy, surrounded by natives and nature, away from the tourist crowded areas, just to relax and breathe.

And that’s where we are, the Hotel Chinauta Real offers you comfort and nature just one hour from Bogota. Pools, hiking, horseback riding, restaurants, spa … everything you need to have a pleasant and quiet time before returning home or starting your trip.

Chiva trip throught our bio – park

We fully believe in the potential of our area and especially our hotel to provide you with an excellent experience, which is why we decided to catch up and stand out in English.

Welcome to Colombia!!!

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Protocolos de Bioseguridad

Protocolos de bioseguridad: Estamos comprometidos con la normatividad impuesta por el gobierno nacional y municipal para prevenir el contagio por Covid 19. Distanciamiento, desinfección, limpieza, toma de temperatura y el uso adecuado de los elementos de bio seguridad, garantizan tu salud y la de tu familia en nuestras instalaciones. Estamos juntos en esto.

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